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Flooring Options

Our Advange

Our epoxy floors are extremely durable. The average final thickness of our residential floors can be up to 1/8 inch. This thickness is what is needed to provide impact resistance from dropped tools or equipment and provide a rubbery consistency rather than a rigid brittle surface that might otherwise chip easily. We use commercial grade 100% solid and zero VOC’s high quality epoxy products and offer a selection of colors, effects, finishes and strength to customize each floor to your unique specifications.

Our Story

Our Warranty

Rosalex, previously operating under Pro Curb Design, as been installing epoxy floors in Ottawa and surrounding area for over 15 years. We stand by our work and reputation.Our epoxy floors are covered under a warranty 60 months against defect in material or poor installation starting on the date the epoxy floor was installed and covers material and labor. The above terms are valid for normal usage and does not include damage caused by misuse of floor.

All warranties issues under Pro Curb Design are still valid and will be honoured.

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