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Affordable Solution to Your Landscaping Needs


Pro Curb Design installs continuous concrete landscape edging, also known as landscape curbing. Landscape curb is a continuous custom concrete border extruded from a landscape curbing machine that creates an extremely durable and permanent border.
Landscape curbs are an inexpensive option to enhance the appearance of your residential or commercial property and increase your property. Our concrete landscape curbs can be installed around trees, flowerbeds, sidewalks, along your driveway or just about anywhere you like. You may choose from a selection of molds, colours, impressions and textures making your concrete landscape curbs customized to your unique specifications.Traditional landscape borders have many disadvantages such as wood decomposition, plastic brittleness, irregularity/movement of brick, stone and concrete sections and discoloration. Our product is a continuous run of solid concrete which does not decompose, separate or attract insects. Additionally, the professional quality of the finished product will add value to your property for a fraction of the usual cost related to landscaping.
Most jobs can be completed the same day. Our installation is hassle-free and won't disturb your existing landscape.

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